25 November 2022

11 Fun Activities to Do on New Year's Eve

The countdown to the new year has begun! This year, you have many different options to make this night meaningful. Whether you're preparing delicious meals at home, hosting a great event complete with sparkling decorations, or opting for something a little simpler, we're here to offer you just the New Year's Eve activity idea you've been looking for.

We definitely have something for absolutely everyone! Here are the most fun activities you can partake in to make New Year's Eve unforgettable.

Create a memory board for the best memories of the year

The new year is the ideal time to take one last look at your achievements and good memories. So how about starting the night with this? If this idea excites you, one of the most enjoyable things to do on your own on New Year's Eve is to create a memory board. To do this, choose a wall in your home or buy a small corkboard, a notepad and thumbtacks. Start by writing your favourite moment on a piece of notepaper and pin it to the corkboard. If you have photos to remind you of this moment, even better! Hang them as well. As you add to your board, you will realise how many memories you have to add there and you will feel that you have experienced the year to the fullest.

Challenge your friends by hosting a game night

Even if you're not going out this Christmas, that doesn't mean you really have to be alone. Invite your beloved friends or family members to your home and organise fun game tournaments like Taboo, Monopoly, all through the night. You can change the game every 2-3 hours, so you will have the opportunity to play different games without getting too caught up in yourself.

Have a barbecue party

If you have a terrace or a garden, you can spend a very fun New Year’s Eve by setting up a portable barbecue outside. Choose a great menu for the evening and head out to the barbecue! If you're a vegetarian, you can also make great vegetable grills. If you do not want to deal with meal preparation, you can light a small fire and melt candies on skewers, or you can add flavour to your night by creating a small fondue chocolate waterfall in your home.

Hit the apex of the fun with karaoke

Singing karaoke with your close friends is one of the best ideas for hosting a modest New Year's Eve party at home. Moreover, it is cost-effective to do so. Singing your favourite songs aloud is sure to be a lot of fun. You can even host shows where three of your guests act as judges, it will give them a chance to make funny comments about the performances.

Throw a dance party in your most beautiful clothes

Just like karaoke, you can also host a dance party at your home. You can cover your lamp in the room with strong, colourful cellophane to mimic disco lights. Then set your Christmas table, turn on the music, put on your best clothes and let the party begin! Make sure someone records your party, because you'll definitely want to revisit this crazy night with your friends at a later date.

Organise a photo event around interesting themes or compositions

Who doesn't love taking pictures? If you are a very active person on social media, you may consider doing a photo shoot this New Year's Eve. After all, New Year-themed accessories are very fashionable nowadays, so you can easily find them in stores or online. Then pose funny or really well thought-out poses with your friends and just tap the screen for amazing photos! New Year's Eve has instantly become an unforgettable night for you!

Watch your favourite TV shows

There's nothing like watching your favourite movies or TV shows with your loved ones under a warm blanket on New Year's Eve. All you need for the night is some popcorn, a selection of drinks, preferably a good sound system and a television. At this point, you can also choose a lineup of exclusively Christmas movies or New Year’s special television shows.

Organize a treasure hunt for kids

 Are you going to spend Christmas with your kids? Then the activity you need to do is definitely treasure hunting! Rest assured; they'll love it. For this activity, take your kids' favourite things, hide them all over the house, leave interesting clues, and set them loose! Let them run around trying to find the hidden treasures -- this type of activity can be a good way to engage children while the adults are having their own party.

Make countdown packs full of great gifts

Buy goodie bags in which you will put various candies or gifts and mark them with a specific hour. So, every time the hour passes, you can open the gift pack prepared for that hour. This activity can be a lot of fun, especially if you're celebrating the New Year with your kids.

Plan ahead by making New Year's resolutions

Can it be New Year's Eve without New Year's resolutions? Sit down with your loved ones and make meaningful decisions together. You can use a corkboard or camera to write or record them. So, when the time comes, someone can remind you of these things. That way, when you really look back next year, you can experience the happiness of fulfilling the promises you made to yourself.

Bonus: How about waking up on New Year's morning pampering yourself?

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