Located on the third floor of the hotel, Stone Restaurant offers a healthy and rich open buffet breakfast for those who are nutritionally minded.

Aqua Restaurant serves Turkish and world cuisines in the garden area by the lake in the summer, and serves À La Carte in the hotel’s atrium area during winter. The orchestra accompany your dinner on Saturday evenings.

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  • 3 Avokado Tost
  • 4 Chia Puding

Beautyfood Flavors

According to the “Wellness” nature is not just a mirror but the shiniest of them all. A person, who is in tune with nature, can achieve physical and spiritual harmony and reflect the unique beauties of nature to himself. Inspired by nature, each meal on the Beautyfood Menu is natural and nutritionally beneficial.  With its natural ingredients and cooking techniques, it is appetizing and delicious, as well as healthy and balanced. All of the familiar dishes in the menu have been reinterpreted by Nua and prepared in a healthier manner.

You may try the Beautyfood flavors at Aqua Restaurant to bring out your inner beauty.

Stefan Jerk (1)

Stefan Jerkfelt

Head Chef

Renowned Chef Stefan Jerkfelt Reinterpreted Richmond Nua’s Menus

Swedish Chef Stefan Jerkfelt, the favorite chef of celebrities like Mel Gibson, Cindy Crawford and Bill Clinton, redefines flavor for leading hotels and restaurants around the world. For Richmond Nua, he reinterpreted European and Asian cuisine by blending them with a Turkish style.

Enjoy masterful world cuisine flavors, including vegetarian and vegan options, at Aqua Restaurant with an a la carte menu.

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