29 September 2022

Eight Perfect Suggestions for Autumn Holidays

Autumn is the ideal season for a holiday or a short break in Türkiye. Children have returned to school, summer crowds have dispersed and the weather is still perfect. Wherever you chose to go, the colours of the foliage will be gorgeous, and the popular sights and cities will be far less crowded.

There are so many reasons to experience autumn in Türkiye. In this travel guide, you will find great places to experience the colours of the season at their best. Why are you waiting? Let's get started:

The natural wonder of Bolu
You should not be surprised that our first suggestion for an autumn destination is Bolu. Picture postcard views of wooden huts hidden behind the clear lake, and paths strewn with dry leaves are just two of the rich treasures of Bolu. Clean mountain air and a stunning lake views are the icing on the cake.

If you appreciate the colours of nature during autumn, we would recommend that you add Bolu to your list. It's close to Istanbul, so, weekend getaways here are easy to organize. If you need a rest, book an extended stay in one the wonderful Bolu hotels. Walks in nature, lake excursions, cycling, and camping are just a few of the restorative activities you can enjoy in Bolu.

The serine beauty of Sapanca
Sapanca, in the region of Marmaris, where every corner is paradise, is another great option for your autumn holidays. It has a lake, beautiful natural surroundings displaying a symphony of natural colours You can camp or stay in nature-hotels during your Sapanca holiday. Activities abound such as walking around the lake, bike riding, boating, or if you are more adventurous, exploring the surroundings on an ATV. Of course, you need not limit yourself to outdoor activities. At Richmond Nua Wellness Spa, you can stay cosy in rooms with magnificent views, experience a pampering spa treatment, and collect unforgettable memories.

The fascinating beauty Cappadocia
Cappadocia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting places in our country. And the right time to visit this amazing place is definitely autumn. If you are planning a romantic holiday, we think Cappadocia should be your first choice. You can admire the fairy chimneys, enjoy a romantic sunset and, of course, view the magical terrain from above on a hot-air balloon tour. There are so many things to do with the person you love, in Cappadocia, the land of fairy tales!

An unforgettable cultural tour Pamukkale
Another unique destination is the white paradise of Pamukkale. This spectacular place, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List site, is completely different in the autumn season. Travertines formed by the healing thermal water, coupled with ancient features make Pamukkale stand out. Let's not forget that this beautiful location also offers its visitors the opportunity to recharge at the end of the day in one of the many thermal baths and hotels.

The ancient city of Ephesus
History buffs will be amazed by the cultural significance of Ephesus. If you've had enough of the beaches and the sun over the summer and are in ready to take more cultural trips in the fall, this is the place for you. Ephesus Ancient City is one of the most important historical sites, in Türkiye. It is visited by millions of international visitors each year. The sprawling site includes the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. You can visit the ancient city on your own or with a knowledgeable tour guide. After admiring the ancient city, you can stay in near-by Şirince for a romantic getaway!

Fall colours at the Küre Mountains, Kastamonu
If you are ready for a change of pace. The Küre Mountains, located in the western Black Sea region, has stunning natural beauty. There are canyons, forests, and waterfalls in the national park. The forests takes on striking yellow and red tones during the autumn which, in our opinion, is the most beautiful time of year. Everywhere you look is more remarkable than the last. If you are a photographer, you won’t find a better location than here.

Epic village Adatepe, Canakkale
The Ida Mountains are even more beautiful at the summit than from below. In Adatepe, a village built on the outskirts of this green paradise, is located in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale. This quaint village displays a colourful feast for your eyes in autumn. There are authentic stone hotels in the village where you can stay which allows you ample time to breathe the clean mountain air. Romantic getaways during autumn allow you to experience this natural wonder and historical atmosphere. You can enjoy a lot of outdoor walks during your Adatepe holiday. One of which allows you to admire the view from the Zeus Altar. You can rejuvenate in the calm of the village, afterwards.

Romantic Gölyazı, Bursa
Our last suggestion is Gölyazı, which is a convenient destination due to its proximity to İstanbul but, is not that well-known to tourists and locals. It is a cute, small fishing village on the shore of Ulubat Lake in Bursa. Gölyazı has warm nature and panoramic views, in the autumn, it takes on a unique beauty. It is ideal for those who dream of a quiet, intimate holiday. We also recommend the historical hotels in Gölyazı to complete your perfect romantic getaway. We are sure you will not regret choosing this fantastic location.

Whichever of these you choose, we are positive that you will have an unforgettable autumn holiday. We wish you good adventures in advance!

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