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RICHMOND adopts as a principle to assure the confidentiality of information shared by you during your visit to the web site. Therefore, the present “Confidentiality Principles” have been designed to duly inform you about the kind of data which are processed by Richmond, by describing the lawful purposes underlying, and the means used for, such processing, the third parties to whom such data are disclosed lawfully and subject to your consent, and how such data are protected by RICHMOND. Services provided by RICHMOND shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Service”.


As part of the offered service, RICHMOND may acquire and transfer personal data belonging to you, the recipient of service, in line with the present “Confidentiality Principles”. This kind of data transfer shall take place in line with such terms and conditions designated by third parties and the contracts in place with third parties, as well as pursuant to the applicable legislation in force. The present “Confidentiality Principles” do not reflect the confidentiality practices of third parties to whom data are transferred, and RICHMOND may not be held responsible for their confidentiality policies or practices. The present “Confidentiality Principles” do not extend to or cover practices beyond Richmond’s control, data that are collected by third party web sites and platforms, data gathered by third parties over links in RICHMOND web site or headings, campaigns or other advertisements or promotions on third party web sites sponsored by and /or involving RICHMOND. RICHMOND shall not be responsible for operations over personal data collected, stored or used by third parties over their own web sites.


“Personal Data” include and refer to any and all data related to a real person who may be identified on the basis of one or more than one element of all personal data, including but not limited to, name-surname or title, ID/ Tax ID number/ Central Registration System (MERSIS) number, age, gender, profession/ business operation, health, genetic, ethnical, religious, familial or political details and information, which identify real persons or render them identifiable within the framework of the “Confidentiality Principles” and which may be directly or indirectly used to  verify the identity of such real person based on password number or as part of one or more than one element expressing psychological, physical, economic, cultural or social self-identity. Such “Data” constitute the subject matter of the “Confidentiality Principles” herein.

Personal data processing refers to any and all actions on the data, including acquisition, access to, recording, storage, safekeeping, changing, editing, disclosure, transfer, take-over, classification of such data, rendering such data obtainable or prohibiting the use of such data, through fully or partly automatic means, or through non-automatic means provided that it is part of a data recording system.


Your certain personal data are collected in the course of the Services provided by RICHMOND on the Web Site.  These data may include: Name-surname, your contact details, data that are directly required for your booking, data related to your visit and stay in the Hotel, data about your product or service purchases, your nationality, passport or Turkish ID number, payment details, details of people who will stay with you, your marketing and communication preferences, your IP address over which you visit our Web Site, pages viewed by you on our Web Site; in case you visit our Web Site via your mobile device, data and specifications describing your mobile device, any geographical location data as well as any other data that you expressly select and approve in writing to be disclosed to us or that we can obtain from third parties subject to your express consent. We may have access to and save this kind of data.

Just like many other websites, our Web Site may use “Cookies” or “Other Technologies” (e-mails assigned by Google, Apple or similar technologies, JavaScript, “pixel tags” connected with device IDs, “web indicators”, “empty GIFs”) and RICHMOND may obtain some of the above-mentioned personal data by using a technical communication file (“Cookies”). We may use such data to process your bookings or requests, to remember your language selection and your other preferences, to provide a safe and reliable service for online transactions, to offer online and mobile ads, messages and contents exclusive to your areas of interest for us or for others, to keep tract of reactions by you towards ads, web site or application contents and the number of times we display an ad to you for analysis purposes and to measure how many people have used the Site and how they used it, in order for us to ensure the fast and efficient operation of the Web Site. Said technical communication files are tiny text files that are sent by a web site to the user’s browser upon your visit to the web site so that they can be stored at the main memory (your computer or mobile device). A technical communication file saves status and preferences about a web site to make Internet surfing easier, and helps us or third parties to collect information about your visits to the Site, including the analysis of your visiting habits. A technical communication file helps us collect statistical data about the number of users of a Web Site, the purpose of a user in visiting the Web Site, how many times the visitor visits it and time he spends on the Site. The file also allows us to generate ads and contents dynamically based on the user pages exclusively designed for users. A technical communication file is not designed to capture any data or any other personal information from the main memory or your e-mails.

RICHMOND and third parties publish vendor ads based on areas of interest to offer ads that you may be interested in, or any content personally customized to you. Where third parties use Cookies and Other Technologies to carry out these services, RICHMOND does not audit the use of such technology or resultant data for online, mobile or e-mail ads, and shall not be responsible for actions or policies of this kind of third parties. Ads, e-mails and other messages may be displayed by RICHMOND or service providers based on your online or mobile behaviors (on RICHMOND or non-RICHMOND sites), search activities, geographical location or other data that may be collected by RICHMOND or third parties. For example, if you visit the Web Site to book a hotel room, you may see our ads if you subsequently visit other web sites. These ads may be displayed on your screen from our web sites or third party web sites or mobile platforms. Based on your visits to and actions on the Web Site, other web sites, RICHMOND applications and third party applications, you may also view third party ads on the Web Site, other web sites or facilities or on your mobile phone screen. Some of our vendors and RICHMOND may use combined or anonymized personal data, demographic data or other eliciting commercial data owned by it or third parties for the sake of helping delivery of ads to you.

Many browsers are designed to accept technical communication file initially; however, users may, at their sole discretion, change settings so that technical communication file will not be received or an alert shall be emitted in case such a file is sent. If you wish to delete or block Cookies from your device at any time, you can update your browser settings (please check “help” menu of your browser to see how to delete or block cookies). RICHMOND shall not be responsible for your browser settings.



Your personal data are processed to provide you with the services that you ask from RICHMOND in the best way possible, to meet your requests and expectations about RICHMOND services and to personalize them, to offer such hospitality at the level expected by you in the room and across our complex, and to administer RICHMOND program and to run direct marketing and sales promotions etc. Your personal data may be further processed to improve RICHMOND services, to offer high level service to you, to make our site, products and services more attractive for you, to enhance its quality, to make your payments where necessary, to update your data and to administer and maintain your account and to allow third parties, in their capacity as service providers, to fulfil technical, logistic and other similar functions on behalf of us. Demographic data, on the other hand, are used for directing and segmenting our users based on their areas of interest.

Moreover, personal data may be used to send you bulletins, promotions, ads or offers, to inform you about campaigns and exclusive opportunities and to provide you with other marketing communication subject to your consent and provided that you will have at all times the right to withdraw that consent.


A part of such personal data referred to herein and compiled by RICHMOND may be shared with advertisers in aggregated form with other user data to ensure that ads are adapted to target audience. In this respect no personal data is given but they may be used to perform certain analyses about user trends, as a group, to do statistical studies by anonymizing data and to ensure segmentation.

RICHMOND may co-work with third parties providing services that contain web site hosting, data analysis, and news bulletin services. It may share Personal Data compiled for the provision of the Service with the service providers to enable them to provide necessary services.

RICHMOND may also disclose your Personal Data through either of the reasons below: (i) legal causes, (ii) with the intention to comply with legal actions and government requests, (iii) to run Service Conditions; (iv) to protect its operations; (v) to defend and secure the rights, confidentiality, security or property of yours, RICHMOND or third parties and to apply reasonable measures or to limit any potential losses.

Only users themselves may have access to, and edit, all data shared by them on the web site. No third party other than RICHMOND may have access to, or edit, such data without your consent.

Whenever you make any transaction on our Web Site, you agree that your financial data shall be disclosed to third parties that are necessary for the completion of your transaction (banks, credit card companies etc.). Data to be shared contain all financial data, including credit card number, expiry date and CVV2. This kind of data may not be processed or stored at or by RICHMOND. However, the transaction summary details may be processed by RICHMOND in connection with the said transaction without containing any credit card and/ or bank account details.


As the owner of the personal data, in case you send your inquiry about your rights to RICHMOND in writing, RICHMOND shall finalize your inquiry free of charge at the latest within thirty days based on the nature of the request. Accordingly, a personal data owner shall have the right (i) to inquire if his personal data are processed, (ii) if his data are processed, to ask for information about it, (iii) to inquire about the purpose underlying the personal data processing and whether such data are used for their intended purpose; (iv) to know the third parties in Turkey or abroad to which such data are transferred, (v) where personal data are misprocessed or processed incompletely, to ask for a correction, and to ask that such correction should be notified to third parties to which such data are transferred; (vi) to request for the deletion or destruction of personal data in case reasons requiring for their process are no longer applicable although such data have been processed in line with the Personal Data Protection Law or other applicable law, and to ask that such destruction or deletion is notified to third parties to which such data are transferred;, (vii) to object to any outcome or result that would work to his detriment upon the analysis of processed data exclusively via automatic systems, and (viii) to request to be indemnified against losses that may arise from the unlawful processing of personal data.

In addition to the above, if you do not wish to receive any commercial electronic message from RICHMOND about the offered Service, you may use your right of rejection free of charge by sending a notice to


RICHMOND shall store your personal data for such a duration that would be necessary to fulfil the purposes summarized herein unless the applicable legislation prescribes or allows for a longer storage term.


RICHMOND undertakes to keep personal data strictly confidential, to treat it as a confidentiality obligation, to provide for necessary and reasonable protection to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of personal data and to take all measures and to pay necessary care and diligence to preclude such data from being lost, misused, changed or used unlawfully and to prevent the publicity or unauthorized use or disclosure of all or any part of data to a third party provided that legal obligations remain reserved.


You may help over RICHMOND web site to ensure that your contact details and preferences are complete, correct and current. In connection with other personal data with us, you may request us to correct a wrong data or to delete any information that is not required to be stored due to applicable laws or legitimate commercial purposes.


RICHMOND may change the contents hereof at any time at its sole discretion to keep confidentiality and data protection principles up-to-date and current and to make them compliant with the applicable law. Any amended version of Confidentiality Principles shall be published on RICHMOND web site. For this reason, we recommend you to periodically review your Confidentiality Principles. Any amended version of these Principles shall become effective on the date of their publication on RICHMOND Web Site. If you continue to use Web Site after the amendments, this shall mean that changes have been accepted by you.


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